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In 1997 were our first participation in Algeria and other countries like TUNISIA , MAROCO ,  and 02 Festivals  in TURKEY  ;. and festival in Russia ; Group members have extensive experience and have participated in several festivals with the association called with another name for the association in 2008 but the association was renamed * EL AHLEM * or practicing folk dance Algerian hundred percent.

We have 06 different dances with differents COSTUMS dance in which they are our tradition and pure region of Algeria without tampering or alteration, with TOUAREGUE  dance: who is the great Algerian Sahara this.
Other dances more special dance called
NEHARIA  , SAF , ALAOUI and dance indicating region of western Algeria especially in the Sidi Bel Abbes , with STAIFI   which also symbolizes the east of Algeria. 

KABEYL and Dziria  dance representing the  capital of Algeria.


01) Nharia Dance= 08mn    / 02)  Touaregue Dance = 15mn  / 03) Staifi Dance = 08mn      

04) Saf  Dance = 08mn   /  05) Kabyl Dance= 08mn   / 06) Alaoui Dance =  08 mn 


Our instruments are : 

       -   01) Bendir

       -   02)  Derbouka

       -   03) Karkabou                        

       -   04) Tam

       -   05) Flutte

       -   06) Percution

       -   07)TBAL