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The Folklore Ensemble “Arbana” was created in 1998 in Tirana City composed of members of different ages from 8 to 16 years old to who were joined together by the love for the folklore and traditions of Tirana area. They became well known all over the country within a short period of time due to their passion and high artistic level participating in  most of the national and area activities. The Ensemble has been always honored with prizes and honor diplomas.


The Folklore Ensemble “Arbana” have successfully represented Albania in some important international activities both in International Folk Festivals for children and concerts tours in several countries like Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Macedonia, Croatia, Poland, Rumania etc. where they have been received very well by the audience and have been able to communicate warmly with it.


Our Ensemble performs dances, songs and melodies with folk musical instruments not only from ethnographic region of Tirana but from other regions of Albania as well. Dances are mainly authentic, but our Ensemble performs even elaborated ones maintaining the most of authentic elements accompanied always live by the orchestra. The elaboration of the folk dances is done by the most well known masters of Albanian ethno-choreography who have collaborated with the ensemble and have often directed it. An important value of the Ensemble is the great number of folk costumes from several areas of the country under its possession thus making it possible their change within a show in a way that every dance to be performed with the costume of the area it comes from.





The main repertoire of The Folklore Ensemble “Arbana”  is composed of the traditional authentic folk dances of Tirana district, but to make the shows livelier and more spectacular they have been included in the repertoire even elaborated dances not only from the ethnographic district of Tirana, but even from the other regions of Albania. Some of these dances are performed only by men and some only by women and many dances are combined men with women and many of them demonstrate several rites of the life of the area.


A short description of some of the main dances.


Wedding Dance of Tirana Area.  This is a dance with happy motifs where are imitated the traditional rites of wedding parties of Tirana district. It contains very interesting folk elements that are nicely harmonized with each other and they are very spectacular as well.


Dances with motifs from Tirana District.   This is a dance with emphasized lyric character, where is in evidence the elegance of the girls and the boys and the combination girl-boys.


Men Dance of Dibra Area.  It’s a dance with motifs from the northern part of Albania. There is the drum that accompanied the dance. This dance demonstratives the strong character of the peoples of this area. 


Women Dance of Cameria Area.  Motifs of this folk dance are taken from the south of Albania. While dancing it is aimed to be unfold the elegance of the woman. Special elements are the very beautiful clothing and melodious music.


Gora Area Dance.  This is a men dance with lyrical motifs from the southeastern part of the country, Korca area. The dancers are keep their hands joined together while dancing. While dancing, the dancers have the possibility to improvise virtuosic movements. The dancers conduct rotating movements and the kilt, that they wear, strengthen more the rotating character of the movements. The kilt is regarded as a constituent element of the dance.


 Dance of Tropoja’s girls. This dance comes from the northern part of Albania. It has got epic and lyric motifs through which are expressed the emotions of the highland girl’s. The movements have got tremendous emotional character. Each girl expresses the own individual character. Variety of colours of the dressing, it’s characteristic of this dance also.


All the dances are performed with original clothing of the areas they come from. Changing of the costumes while dancing unable the spectators to become familiar with the costumes of several ethnographic area of Albania. The costumes are made, decorated and retained very carefully composing an important element of our shows.


The musical instruments used by the musicians of our group are: Violin, accordion, clarinet, lute, drum, tambourine, flute and pipe. These instruments accompany the dances and songs and instrumental and solo parts are played with them, too.