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  International Dance Festival

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*                  Creating an opportunity for dance groups from all over the world to meet and present their artistic achievements.

*                  An international exchange of ideas and experience within children and teenage dance groups.

*                  Promotion of national and regional culture of their own countries.

*                  Developing aesthetic sensitivity of children and teenagers through direct contact with music and dance.

*                  Integration of children and teenage dance groups from Poland and other foreign countries.




1.     The Festival is held in the competitive form.


2.     Participants:

·                     Folk groups and groups of other various dance forms excluding ballroom dance,

·                     Folk groups bring their own music. We will prefer groups with live music-folk band,

·                     Age of participants 7 – 20 years,

·                     Groups can consist to 35 members,  it doesn't concern the folk band members,

·                     Only the organizer can decide of taking more participants in each group.



3.     Schedule for the competitive concert (the theatre stage):


·         Folk groups up to 15 minutes,


·                  Other dance forms, 1 or 2 dances up to total 8 minutes.




4.    Other performances: a procession along the streets, dance presentation in the city centre (the open air stage) to 10 minutes, Gala Concert (the open air stage)– folk groups up to 5 minutes, other forms 1 performance up to 4 minutes



7.     The organizer provides:

·      Accommodation /5 nights/ in dormitories,

·      3 meals a day,

·      3 festival performances,

·      Taking part in the Gala Concert,

·      An English-speaking guide,

·      Integration meetings and evening parties,

·      Rest on the lake with some sport and cultural activities,

·      Sightseeing round the town,

·      A meeting with the authorities of the city-gifts exchanging.


8.    Groups are obliged to participate in all the Festival events prepared as part of the Festival and to be at organizers’ disposal during the Festival.


9.    All the Festival events will be recorded and distributed via radio, Internet or television without any fee for the Group.


10.                       Participants of the Festival using some pieces and artistic interpretations of other authors, producers, artists are obliged to respect their copyright.


11.                       Groups can sell souvenirs, records and folk products from their country after previous approval of the Organizer.


12.                       Each group should have the guardians.


13.                       Cost of participation:


·      Cost of participation per person is ……….A bout ……..Euro)

·      Paid in Euro - according to the rate of exchange on the day of payment,

·      Groups that qualified for the Festival pay  20 %  of the whole sum in advance by  ……………..

·      Cancellation from participation in the Festival after 10th June 2010 will cause the loss of the advance payment.

·      The Director of the Group does not pay cost of participation.