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  Chung Chamber Orchestra

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South Korea
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Chung Chamber Orchestra (CCO) is a Korean traditional music chamber orchestra founded on 2nd Sep. 1998 in Seoul (Republic of Korea).

 In Korean language ‘Chung’ means ‘clear and young’, and this word would represent the aim of the CCO: seeking and interpreting some new and creative styles of music both Korean and Western, through Korean traditional musical instruments.

The CCO joins some small musical unit-groups, each one performing duo, trio, quartet (like ‘Samulnori’, the Korean traditional percussion quartet); all groups together perform orchestral music as Korean traditional rhythm ensemble.

The CCO’s main aim is to find and play Korean traditional music both old and new one. CCO also tries to take the challenge of restoring Korean music in order to allow people to easier meet, appreciate and enjoy it.

An additional CCO’s aim is to perform music from young composers, sometimes unknown ones, as well as traditional music from all over the world and contemporary western music, in order to propose their inter-pretation/variation through the great and original sound generation capability of Korean traditional instruments.

The appreciation of CCO’s music is very large both in Korea and abroad where CCO, actively attending international festivals, acts as an ambassador of Korean Musical Culture.