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An ensemble of "Italmas" - the name is the State Academic Dance Ensemble of Song of the Udmurt Republic. And as of old, with a trembling affection are to flower Italmas Udmurt, unchangeable their love for their native ensemble, created in 1936 and during the entire period the collecting the crumbs of the rich creativity of its people.


    More than 50 years, directs the ensemble a wonderful musician, People's Artist of Russia and the Udmurt Republic, State Prize of Udmurtia, honorary citizen of Izhevsk and Udmurtia Anatoly Mamontov, who is the author of many pieces of music and stage productions.


   Historical monuments testify that the Udmurts - one of the oldest peoples of Europe, included with the Estonians, Hungarians, Finns, Mordvinians, Mari, Komi, Komi-Perm inhabitants in one of the Finno-Ugric language and ethnic group - had for a long time distinctive culture .


    The team has spoken at programs of All-Union festival "Russian Winter", "Moscow Stars", "Kiev Spring", as well as the cultural program of the XXII Olympic Games, and the XII World Youth and Student Festival in Moscow.


   Diverse repertoire of State Prize of the Udmurt Republic of the ensemble "Italmas." It is based Udmurt folklore. Today, the ensemble sound ancient folk ritual, contemporary Udmurt songs, works, songs and dances of the peoples of the world, as well as works of our great countryman, PI Tchaikovsky.


    Totally original, but at the same time organically woven into the common stream of concerts the ensemble is the art of dance, which is based is also folk art. Pearl of the Udmurt dance - "Dance with bells", melodic ringing of which is subject to every movement of the performers.


Over 75 years of its existence, the ensemble has become a methodical center of national art.


    Artistic director, choreographer and principal dancers of the ensemble give master classes for amateur groups and the Udmurt Republic Diaspora of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Perm region.


    The team's most valuable asset, are artists: choral group comprises 30 people, a ballet group - 12 pairs (24 people), the orchestra of folk instruments - 11.


    Give people a good mood, the pleasure of meeting with a wonderful, spiritual help to strengthen the unity - that sees its mission staff of the State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Udmurt Republic "Italmas."