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AKINATIM Traditional Arts And Folklore Company come from Togo situated on the west coast of Africa,derives its name from the small village called “TOGODO” meaning on the other Bank.
TOGODO now Togoville was where the German Natchigal signed a treaty of protectorate with King MLAPA III in 1884.
Lying between Ghana on the West, the Republic of Benin on the East, Burkina Fasso in the North.
Togo presents the form of a corridor of more than 600km and opening of almost 60 km on the South Atlantic.
The Togolese landscape offers beautiful sites: a rich and varied fauna and flora green hills, mountains and valleys,arid plains as well as a fine sand beach.
There is sunshine all the year round 20°C everywhere.
AKINATIM  is means a dance of joy when the woman shows her beauty in all its forms, small village with its mild mountain weather.
This group of artists founded and stated its activities at Lomé-TOGO west coast of Africa.I decided to produce this group because the ballet wants to be a representation of folklore, morality and customs of our country. The show is based on different dances from witchcraft and the trance state, accompanied by the incessant rhythms of drums. The sound and the body of the artists described a message of peace, love, tolerance and friendship among people.
The group perform folk dance and songs that depict folkloristic happening both in Togo and the African region as a whole.
He has performed in national events outside the country and has participated in several international folk festivals with great success until 2000.
AKINATIM” is Promotion Company of traditional arts and folks dances in our Country
The particularity of these groups we represented, is its control, without fault, any the directory the songs and dances of black Africa (Adjogbo, Akpèssè, Agbadja, Doudou, Zangbéto, Oro, Gomé, Visitors…), its extreme address in the handling of all the instruments of music (percussion, flute, Balafon, Kora ..); and its subtlety in the use of stilts.
Their attire is very striking and reflects the values pure and sure clothing of the wealth of the black tradition,through the materials and the colors of their production, conveying messages.
They express, grief, joy, the virginity, the victory over the enemy, respect, the solidarity, the love, peace, war, etc. … They are often made of fabrics printed with logotypes in kété, Gangan, batakali, alla, léssi… They are decorated accessories facts of beads, of Cowries littered of gold or silver.
The harmony and ease of the gestures and sounds have conferred supremacy of our company on the other Groups.
We formulate already our wishes to be able to take part for your international folkloric festival which will take place in your town every year.
In the past year we had represented Togo in the various internationals festivals in Europe(France,Pologne,Italie,Allemagne,Holland,Angleterre).
We are available if you would accept to add our group to your festival.
For this reason you can send to us application form and official invitation letter.