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  Sanggar Kesenian Aceh (SAKA) UGM

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Sanggar Kesenian Aceh (SAKA) UGM SAKA UGM was formed on May 27, 2011 this workshop aims to accommodate the interests of Gadjah Mada University students in the art to develop Aceh as one of the arts wealth of art culture of Indonesia.p pAlthough currently only taught a few dance Aceh to women like Rampoe, Tarek Pukat, Ranup Lampuan, but we hope one day workshop will be large can accommodate the interest of art in other areas of Acehrsquo;s cultures.p pAbout Dance Rampoe (Saman)p pSaman dance is a tribal dance Gayo (Gayo Lues) is usually displayed to celebrate important events in custom. Saman dance uses poetry in Arabic Gayo. In addition to the usual dance is also displayed to celebrate the born of Prophet Muhammad. In some literature states Saman dance in Aceh was founded developed by Shaikh Saman, a cleric who comes from the Gayo in Aceh Tenggara. Tari Saman Representative List by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage in the Human-sixth Session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of Cultural Heritage UNESCO No items in Bali, 24 November 2011.p pSaman dance performed by men. While we recognize that in the saman dance performed by women or mixed. Now we know the common dance is actually called a dance rampoe. This dance was a popular dancing, often been performed in many country, such as Argentina, Japan, Singapore, China, France, America, Germany, Australia Vietnam (can be seen in youtube others link).p pAbout Ranup Lampuan Dancep pRanup Lampuan dance is one of the monumental works of art created by the artists of Aceh. Ranup Lampuan in Aceh, meaning betel in the puan. Puan is an Aceh typical plate used as a place for betel. A dance background of the choreographic tradition is to tell how the habits of the people of Aceh are welcome guests every movement has its own meaning. As regards the movement of worship, then plucking betel, discard the stems, cleaning the betel, brushing chalk, then give gambier pinang, then present the betel to the guests.p pAbout Tarek Pukat Dancep pTarek Pukat is one of the dances which very famous in Aceh. This dance tells the story about the people who live in the Acehr coast Area, where most of them work as a fisherman. Usually, this dance performed by 7-9 women 4-5 men who accompany. Basically, this dance movement is simple, easy to learn, where the women stood up sat down to compose a series of straps that reflect the fishing net. the men accompany this dance behind the women by demonstrating that reflects a persons movement to catch fish.This dance has improved a lot, both in terms of movement, costumes, musical arrangements.