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Czech Republic
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The groups of AYFAS  consist from 35 - 40 members of folk / folklore / dancers and folk / folklore / and live musiciens.

Dancers normaly use typical folk costume for each other folk dance. Here – in the Czech Republic – here is a much different small etno regons. Of course- the Czech Republic – this is a very small country in the middle of Europe  and therefore – etno regions are very small,too.

Main lands of the Czech Republic  are :

BOHEMIA  – capital Prague  and MORAVIA – capital BRNO.

Here are different culture tradition between Bohemia and Moravia region. In Bohemia region  – groups use traditional but - time to time - stylize folk  costumes. Here in Moravia region  – groups use different and typical costumes for each small ethno region.

Groups AYFAS from Moravia region  – use different costumes,too.

Here are costumes for hight fest / wedding, harvest home etc /, working costumes – work on the field, costumes for couple dance , costumes for boy dance tec.

Some costumes are very typical and historical and very complicate for produce. So much hand made , different hand made decorations, wide shirtsleeve tec. Main komponent of costumes are decorate hat / boys / or decorate headdress / girls /.

The group use different properties,too /for special programm – sabre, axe of shepherd etc…

Songs of boys and girls – it is typical custom and tradition in Moravia region. Boys singing before dance but across dance,too. 

Music group.

Typical music group consisit from  6 – 8 musiciens normaly.

Typical music group use typical music instruments of our Moravia region :

Viola, violin, contrabass, clarinet and typical instrument  of our Moravia region - cymbalom / see pictures /. Cymbalom this is a heavy  instrument / about 80 kilograms /. Musicien of cymbalom instrument  use  special wood drum-stick 

Of course - here are typical and traditional folklore brass bands with.. 10 – 30 musiciens,too. Bands co-operate  with our dancers,too.

Moravia folk group AYFAS – it is very experience ensemble.

We can prepare different programm from 10 – 100 muinutes / folk dance, folk music, folk song, folk  custom, different short parts etc.

In our programm you can see different couple dance from ethno region Moravia -Walachia, dance from Moravia-Slovak border – Kopanice etc.

You can see  boy´s  dance, dance of rebels etc.

We can teach our typocal folk dances by  workshop , we can prepare national evening and so much other office activities.

Of course - we are ready for take part on different promenade / procession /, Town Hall´s  reception etc..

In last time AYFAS groups  co-operated with  different International festivals in abroad :

- Germany : Saarbrucken, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Muenchen, Hermansburg, Klein Meckelsen, Ribnitz, Bremen, Thueringen etc. /,

- France : Montignac, Nice, Le Puy-en-Velay, Rodez, Marseille , etc.  

 - Spain : - Badajoz, Gijon, Bermeo, Ciudad Real

- Portugal : Montemor

- Turkey : Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa , Yalova

- Austria : Martin, Bad Ischl

- Italy : Cerda , Fondi, Favara, Nuoro

- Holland : Schagen, Warffum, Aalten

- Greece : Karditsa

- Cyprus : Limassol

- United Kingdom : Alnwick

- Danmark : Hjoering, Ballerup

- Latvia : Riga

- USA : Folkmoot

- Belgium : Antwerpen,  Schoten, Bonheiden

- Swiss : Neuchatel

Poland, Serbia, Sloveni, Romania,Macedonia..


We have a praktice with different programm for your festival.