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Georgian Children’s Folk Group”SAKARTVELO” was founded in 1996. It is very popular group. Its performance is often showed on TV of Georgia. The concert programmed covers dances and songs of all the parts of Georgia. The nationality of the members of the Dance group is different. That’s why very often the group "SAKARTVELO" calls International.

They describe the history, culture and traditions of the country. The group shows nature, sense and good will of Georgian Nation. The large popularity and huge success at the spectators such dances as use: “Partsa”, “Adjaruli”, “Davluri”,“Parikaoba”,”Mtiuluri”,”Svanuri”,“Kartuli”,”

Perkhuli”,”Samaia””Mkhedruli”, “Kintauri”, ”Scenes of old Tbilisi’’. The repertory is full of Georgian Folklore, where you can easy learn the culture, habits and the history of Georgian people.

Georgian Folk Group” SAKARTVELO” took part in various International Folk Festivals in different countries of the world. Such as: Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Russia. The Group is very authoritative in it’s native town. Tries to improve its level have a lot of diplomas and medals.  Step by step it does it’s best to reach it’s professionalism. Ensemble “SAKARTVELO” carries on with it’s activity and makes its contribution to the development of Georgian choreography.