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The Cultural and educational ensemble "IONES" was founded in 2003. It counts 165 founding members. Among the purposes of this ensemble is the help and the contribution to the search for Ancient Eliki, capital city of the Achaic Union that was entirely destructed in 373 B.C. by a tsounami. After excavations that lasted 20 years by foreign and Greek archeologists, it has been pointed out, and it is a matter of time the appearence of the city on the surface.
In three years only, our ensemble has achieved such events, that would be envied even by the oldest ensemble ever.
It maintains educational sections of Computer Science, Spanish and German languages.

In 2005 it organized the 1st World Festival of Folkloric Dances, with the participation of 22 foreign and Greek dancing groups, in front of the Greek Olympic winners, KATERINA THANOU and ATHANASIA TZOUMELEKA.

In 2006 it organized the 1st Achaic Child Festival of Folkloric Dances, with the participation of 500 children. In July of the same year, it organized with a big success the 2nd World Festival of Folkloric Dances with 38 participating groups from Greece and all over the world. We achieved fraternity with the Swedish ensemble of friends of Greece HELLAS VARNER with the presence of the Paraolympic winner of 2 golden medals in horse riding in 2004, IKENE 8EETENOKEN.
In February of 2007 it organized the 1st Panhellenic Child Festival with the participation of 800 children from 28 Greek ensembles.
In July of 2007 it achived with a great success a great event that was adored by everybody who was there, the 3rd World Festival of Folkloric Dances with the participation of 42 groups both foreign and Greek.

For our ensemble, the great bet is for the year 2008, which means the organization of 2 great cultural events.
1. The 1st Balkan Child Festival of Folkloric Dances on 28th-29th-30th of March 2008 with the participation of 36 Greek groups and 6 foreign groups.
2. The 4th World Festival of Folkloric Dances with participants from Asia, America, Africa and Europe, and from the whole Greece.

The headquarters of our ensemble are located in the municipality of Diakopto, with amazing locations that combine sea and mountain and give the opportunity for tourism and wonderful vacation.