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  The Zuralia Orchestra

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The Zuralia Orchestra, founded in 2011, is a 12 piece group comprised of experienced musicians, recognized locally and internationally, mixing trumpets, tuba, drums, violins, darbuka, accordions, three vocals and of course clarinet.Under Aurel Mirea’s guidance a new kind of music is being created fusing Romanian Folklore and traditional Gypsy music with Jazz, Reggae, Latin and Oriental, making it mystically appealing to many different lovers of music.

The members of the Zuralia Orchestra have previously participated, individually and as part of a group in many music festivals and events both in Romania and abroad. They have also collaborated on many occasions with several famous artists.

The Zuralia Orchestra is currently creating its debut album with songs composed by the Zuralia Orchestra, focusing on fusing different musical genres which have already given the orchestra a trademark sound, and is creating a buzz in Romania’s music circles.

The orchestra’s repertory includes, besides original material, famous Romanian and regional music. Highly professional and versatile, the band can perform up to two hour shows at any event.


The name of the band in itself is a fusion of two words: the Gypsy word “zoral”, which means “strong”, and the Romanian word “zurlie”, which means “frisky, fidgety and restless”. The name means, on one hand, the fusion of the two main sources for the band’s music – the traditional Gypsy Music and the Romanian Folklore -, but also the strength of the band’s desire to induce happiness, life enjoyment and the wish to dance by anyone listening to their music.


Convinced of the band’s musical fusion style, the members of the Zuralia Orchestra want to be recognised for their original take on Romanian Folklore and traditional Gypsy Music, and become locally and internationally renowned for their original fusion of many types of musical genres.

Equally important, the band wants its music to touch peoples’ hearts, to bring them joy, to make them feel better, to excite them and to make them dance every single time they listen to it.