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  I Gioppini di Bergamo

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Background of the group:
This particular folkloristic group presents a performance consisting of different kinds of shows such as:
· A parade with instruments made in tin, wood and brass which go back to the Roman period;

· Folk songs in 'Bergamasco' dialect;
· Typical dances celebrating life style country people in Lombardy a Region of north Italy.
Gioppino (name deriving from Giuseppe, Giuseppino…), is the inspiring character of the group, whose figure expresses in himself the shrewdness of mountain people, the supreme good nature and roughness of local people.

He lived in the eighteenth century, with his faithful wife Margì (from Maria, Marietta), fellow of thousands adventures.
During the centuries several invasions changed people customs: French, Austrian, Slavic, Roman and Venetian domination left evident signs in habit and dialect.
This peasant culture has been orally handed during the decades; but the first written documents go back to the beginning of the century. The aim of this group is to safeguard and release its heritage and develop the research. The official foundation of the group goes back to 1950 thanks to his promoter Mr Lorenzi Rino even if we can state that it was the evolution of another group composed of only men called the 'BANDA DEI GIOPI'' dated at the end of last century.

    Cavalier Angelo Piazzoli known as "Papa", dedicateded himself to the management of the group for several years. Since 1993 the director is Mr Cattaneo Fabrizio.
During the last fifty years, the group took part to several shows and festivals in Italy and abroad: Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden and Finland, beside it took part to Walt Disney a shooting film and lots of TV broadcast.


Description of the performance:
During the show there are around 30 people in peasant fancy dress gathered in the following way:
· Orchestra:1 large drum;
2 little drum;
2 accordions;
1 guitar;
1 trumpet.
· 16 dancers;
· Singers in polyphonic chorus with 3 voices.

I Gioppini di Bergamo pag. 2
gruppo folcloristico internazionale
The songs are both in Italian and Lombardy language.
The dances in style: seven steps, leap, mazurka, march and gavotte are very happy and lively and they take about 5 minutes each and use choreography as ribbons, umbrellas, flowers, pail, grapes, wine casks, sticks and scythes.
The show introduces to the popular life of "Orobie" Alps and of Padana plain.
The show takes about 2 hours.

Description of parade:
During the parade about 30 people in peasant customs play musical instruments some of which are true instruments as accordion and drum, while others are the products of skilful craftsmen and they are made in wood or metal.