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  Folk Dance Group Aizkrauklis

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The middle-aged folk dance group "Aizkrauklis" is from Aizkraukle – a village in the middle of Latvia. The folk dance group was founded in 1984. The artistic director and choreographer of the group is Inita Vilcina. There are about twenty-five dancers aged from 25 to 55. The dancers give concerts together with a folk music group, women's ensamble "Spidala" and men's ensamble. Imants Baumanis and Janina Zolotorenko conduct the music.


In everyday life the members of dance group have different jobs but during festivals love of dances joins them. The repertoire of the group consists of traditional folk dances and popular dances of Latvian choreographers.


"Aizkrauklis" has participated in all Dance festivities and National Dance Festivals in Latvia. It has been among participants of several international Folk Dance Festivals "Sudmalinas".


The group has participated in international folk festivals in Lithuania, Armenia, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Romania and France.