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  Tripple Heritage Dance Company

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Nigeria is indeed blessed with abundance creative talents,authentic and dynamic art forms as well as other utilitarian or efficacious art practise that has held fascination for both indigenes and non indigenes alike.These rich cultural indentities were spectacularly show cased to the entire world during the artistic pots pouring events of the 2nd world Black and African festival opf arts and culture tagged  FESTAC 77 to amongst other considerations bring to light the diverse cultural contributions of black African peoples to the universal current of thought and Arts.
  Suffice it to say that in this colourfull panorama of an almalgamation of fashion,history, and the reformatory Arts,Tripple Heritage Dance company has seizelessly being on the lead in a crusade bid to keep aglow these rich cultural and artistic landmarks through us.

                                KNOWING THE TROUPE
The Tripple Heritage Dance Company is a private arts administrative agency and a multidimensional production outfit with a strong bias for an artistic medley of traditional Dance,Musik,costumes,Masquerades,spectacles,Songs and chants etc.Hence we are established for the sustenance of the ideas of the performing Arts in Nigeria.
    This outfit which started as a local entertainment group as gained both national and international recognition in addition to other prominent performances at home such as
1.First french international Workshop at the french cultural centre
2.opening ceremony Nigeria 99
3.opening and closing ceremony Ghana/Nigeria 2000
3.opening and closing ceremony 8th All african Games COJA 2003 to mention but a few.
We have also represented the country Nigeria and Africa in the following international festivals
1.Musik and dance festival Malta December 99/january 2000
2.Cultural exchange programme with African Japanese cultural exchange group in Japan 2001.
3.Market for African performing Arts MASA in Abidjan 2003
4.participated at the DOHA cultural festival in DOHA QATAR march 2004.
Our crusade as been creditably received locally,nationally and internationally since our inception in 1996 to date as most of opur productions have been widely covered by the press.
Being one of Nigeria Private Arts Administrative Agency,we are committed to Nigeria and the progress of her people by preserving,documenting and artistically propagating the undilutted indigenous Nigerian Dance to meet with the demands of gobal appeal.
       This is why we solicit your endorsement to be part of your programmes/Festivals.Behold I am a CHOSEN of O.O.O.


To make Nigeria comfortably condusive with aesthetically pleasing and culturally relevant events prior to,during and after the event of your carnival that shall witness the presence of Nations and other important interest groups.

Tharefore,the vast rich colourfull dances that are havestable from all nooks and cranny of CrossRivers state can at this point be relied upon to help salvage,and project the image of the Nation.

We equally hope through this medium to display flag(s) of unity and imressive co-existence that have been the binding factor of our uniqness as a mark of exhbiting our Dance Package (BASKET OF COLOURS) from our repetory as a committed and reputably Dance outfit.


Our Artistic excursion shall permeat through the African and indeed Nigerian philosopies of life in relation to its cosmic interpretation against the backdrop of the concept of creation,sustenance and continuity,Thereby,juxtaposing the worlds of the unborn with the living and the death.a tropical relationship ingredient of ensuring a continuum.

Hence our choice of the Efik culture(Cross Rivers State)is a perfect reflection to sacredness and circularity that artistically possesed the aesthetics spectacles and panoramic colours that can attract world attention to itself while claiming the imperative of a strong advocacy for Nigerias Arts and culture as a core interest in National development.


Going by their believe as an aquatic dependent race,their Gods and Goddess are most revered beautifull and elegant especially the marmaids such as Afiawan.Also,very essential to the ethno-social,religious and spiritual concerns art the numerous but dydamic ritual and Masquerade ceremonial practice taht are aesthetically colourfull both in conceps and in practice.

Their physical world view in itself is characterised by the communal and peacefull co-habitation of both sexes man and woman in a concept of flow with their immediate environment.

Thus,our package shall feature most prominently some unpolluted but aesthetically enhanced dances of the Efik culture in our repertory at the tripple Heritage Dance Company such as

1.The maiden Ekombi and Moni Nkim Dances

2.The Masculine Nyok and Ubom dances of War and occupation respectively.

3.The Eting Idem and the Nnuk Masquerade displays and the fascinating Afiawan marmaid/ritual enactment.

Therefore,ours is to make popular,to advocate and to push our culture and Arts into the epicentre of our collective pride as a people and as a Nation.