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   In Naoussa - 100 km from Thessaloniki -   where our Foundation comes, exists an alive, unique and very old dancing custom with roots in the ancient Greece. It is one of the most popular and strictly organized customs in Northern Greece, which is based on behavioural codes and old rituals. It is called "Genitsari and Boules" and every year takes place in the period of Greek carnival = "apokria" at the end of February, till the beginning of March, with a participation of above 250  dancers of our foundation, with its own old and impressive antique costumes and ritual masks.

Our homonymous Foundation (estab. 1970) is responsible for the protection and the promotion of the authentic custom of Naoussa "Genitsari and Boules" and has nowadays 750 members and above 250 youth dancers. The Foundation in its own traditional old sesame Mill building, offers various activities of alive tradition of Naoussa, such like traditional dances, traditional music, regional history of the custom and the industrial heritage of Naoussa. We have participated several times in Europe's and Asia's folk and traditional dance festivals, with awards for the speciality of music, dances and authentic costumes. 

   Our dances and music are very impressive and special, that differs between the dances of neighbour regions.This time our custom with its history, rituals, music, dances and costumes is promoted by the Hellenic committee of Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

Yours faithfully
Tosios Aristeides