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  The Folklore Ensemble Svetozar Markovic

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The folklore ensemble “Svetozar Markovic” was named after and founded as one of the sections of  the Cultural Artistic Society at the University of Kragujevac in April 1977. The folklore section of that time, due to high quality work and great interest of the young highschool and faculty students,managed to master both the technique and style of a ten-coreography repertoire,thus becoming ready for its independent performances.














             From 1981 on, with the engagement of the experts in specific ethno-coreological regions throughout the Yugoslavia of that time (dr Ivan Ivancan,Dragomir Vukovic Kljaca, Stanimir Visinski,Vaso Popovic...)the criteria for the coreography setting became stricter.Expertness and persistence soon brought quality “stamped” with a golden plaquette at the First Festival of Folklore Ensembles of Serbia in 1982. This admission of the ensemble to the circle of the best has been,with more or less success,kept and maintained till today.


                              The repertoire covers almost all ethno-coreological regions of Serbia and Montenegro,as well as other regions where the Serbian people live and keep their tradition.When the coreographies were set attention was paid to the choice of dances,their authenticity and originality,dynamics and attractiveness,to the choice of music,originality of costumes and instruments,the choice of songs and manner of their performance...The result of this work is an original and attractive program,interesting to both domestic and foreign audience.


                            The ensemble has been a guest of all more prominent cities in the former Yugoslavia,and of a great number of the European countries.Our performers have been applauded  by the audience throughout Germany ,Poland , France , Belgium, Italy , Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia,Turkey, Greace, Luxemburg, Espana, Bulgaria, Czeska, Canada...The guest visits were organized as festival participations,but also as commercial programs lasting for more than two hours.New  invitations for the program exchange and medals for high results have been received at these festivals and new friendships made.


                                  Prizes and awards:

                *Two golden plaquettes at the Festivals  of  Folklore Ensembles of Serbia (1982,1992 )

                  *The second prize at the Festival of Folk Orchestras of Serbia (1983)

                  *The second prize at the Second Festival of Folklore Ensembles of Serbia,Kragujevac 1984

                  *Three dance awards at the international festivals in France (1984,1986,1987)

                  *The second prize in the category of stylized coreographies at the International Festival in Futog,and the first    prize for the best Yugoslavian Ensemble at the same festival in 1996

                  *The best coreography and the best duo at the Festival of Folklore Ensembles of Serbia,Kragujevac 2000

                  *Special award for the singing group in the category of the so-called “shout singing” at the “Shepherd Days

                  “ festival in Kosjeric (2000,2001)

                  *The second dance award at the International festival in Agridento,Sicily 2001

                  *The best vocal solo singer at the festival in Hungary 2002

                  *Special jury award at the festival in Estonia (Voru 2003)

                  *Interpretation award for the woman solo singer,Marija Maksimovic,Poland (Katowice 2004)                                      The following coreographies comprise the current repertoire of the ensemble:

                  1.Songs and dances from Serbia-Dojcin Matevski

                  2.Dances from Timocka Krajina-Trajce Simeonovski

                  3.Playful dance from Banat-Trajce Simeonovski

                  4.Komitska dance-Trajce Simeonovski

                  5.Suite from Vranje-Trajce Simeonovski

                  6.Dances from Macedonia- Trajce Simeonovski

                  7.Sopska dance-Radisa Radovanovic Cica

                  8.Valjevska podvala (Valjevo “fraud”)-Dragomir Vukovic Kljaca

                  9.Skopska Montenegro dances-Stanimir Visinski

                  10.The “dumb” dance (performed without musical background)from Glamoc-unknown author

                  11.Dances from Stara Planina-Dragomir Vukovic Kljaca

                  12.”Zelene se bogazi”-medley of dances from Sumadija-Radisa Radovanovic Cica

                  13.Dances from around Nis-Dragan Milanovic Gane

                  14.Serbian dances from Banija-Vaso Popovic

                  15.Vlaska dances from Homolje-Miodrag Mica Dobric

                  16.Dances from Krajiste- Dragan Milanovic Gane

                  17.Dances from Grmec-Milorad Lonic



Bojan Mladenovic the president of the ensemble council


tel : 99 381 63 807 4521 cell.


Tel:/fax:  99 381 34 320 138 home and fax.

                                             and the folklore ensemble “Svetozar Markovic” from

                                             the Students Cultural Center  Kragujevac

                                             st. Bulevar Kraljice Marije 28/8

                                             34000 Kragujevac