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  Gradac Folk Dance Ensemble

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The group performs the music live with traditional instruments which originate from the Balkan.The music is full of irregular rhythms which have been cultivated only in this area. Your audience can see live many of the traditional instruments.

The characteristic of the group is that the sound, the step, the rhythm and the movement of the dancers express an age-old tradition which have been preserved in the area.

The coreography is created by Ms Sladjana Krstic, a famous Serbian choreographer who was awarded several word prizes for choreography. The performance of the dance group is known for the often changes of the "scene". The criticer Mr Vlada Hecog said: "Watching "Gradac" is a"festival' for our eyes. After their performance a spectator feels as if he went through the centuries until today."

The dance of "Gradac: leaves nobody indifferent. Everybody is cheerfull und happy. This is confirmed on many  world tours; USA 1996, 1997, 1998, 2001,2003,2004,2005, Australia 1997, 2002, Europe, Greece, Italy, France, Norway, Germany, Canada , Tawan etc.

The group consists of: 16-20 dancers, 5-9 musicians, 3 organisers, depending of the festival conditions.

If you have interest in our group you can get more information in our monograph (200 pages, 400 photographs) DVD, CD, posters etc.

We hope, you want to introduce our dance group to your audience.