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  Folklore Ensemble Druzba

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The ensemble was established by a small group of young people united by an interest in folklore and its tradition in spring 1954 in the city Trencín. Financed by the furniture company Druzba in Trencín, the group was also named after the company. The name Druzba also symbolizes a character of the groom´s man according to the vocabulary of the Slovak wedding customs in the Trencín region.

        Trencín (approximatly 60.000 inhabitants) is situated on the river Váh in the western part of Slovakia. The modern era has changed the historical town, dominated by its medieval castle, into modern industrial city.


The artistic director and choreographer is Mr. Jaroslav Mikolášek and managers of the group are Mr. Bohuslav Zitnan and Mr. Vladimir Borán.

The folklore ensemble consists of about 50 members, which are mainly young people studying at the secondary schools and universities. There are three sectiones in the group: the dance group, the vocal choir, and the folk music group. All sectiones practise 2-3 times a week and Culture house HVIEZDA in Trencín. Casting for the all sectiones of the ensemble is held every year in September.

The dance group is comprised of 9 dance pairs between the age of 15 and 25. The dance leaders are Mrs. Andrea Boránová..

The vocal choir accompanies the dance program with songs and by presenting its own artistic program. Now it is comprised of 4 singers.

The folk music (instruments: violins, clarinet, cimbalom, viola, doble bass) led by Mr. Vladimir Borán, consists of 10 musicians. The lead violinist is Mr. Lubomír Petrovic.



In its program the ensemble draws inspiration from the folk traditions of the Western and Eastern Slovak regions. These regions include Trencín, Lubina, Myjava, Šariš and Zemplín.

         During its eFxistence the folk music group passed through different periods of its growth and development. Since 1989 it has focused its effort on the stylish  interpretation of the musical presentation of the authentic folkloric musicians of  the  region of Trencín (the villages Selec and Horná Poruba)  as well as on  moderate stylization of the musical arrangement of the folklor music from the region of Myjava, Trencín, Podpolanie, Šariš and Zemplín.

          In February 2001 the folk music group and the vocal choir of the ensemble recorded its first CD with name "In the dance and song" which contains songs from TRENCÍN and MYJAVA region (the West Slovakia).

          From the rich our music, dancing and vocal song repertoire we can offer you various types of programs. The length of the music - dance program can vary - according to requests of the organisator of the festival (from 10 to 120 minutes).  We also offer music concerts of folklore group  with vocal choir with the length of the programme 20 - 30 minutes.





    As a representative of Slovak folk art, the group has achieved a lot of  successes at Slovak Folklore festivals and Art folklore festivals abroad. It´s ranked among the best folklore ensembles in Slovakia which confirmed by achieving many awards from various domestic and foreign festivals.  


    Until now the ensemble realized more than 1790 performances. The group performs around 35 times a year throughout Slovakia (the concerts, the folklore festivals Východna, Detva, Myjava, Krakovany, etc.) and abroad: Europe, USA, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Japan and Egypt. With  success has represented his town Trencín and his mothercountry in 23 countries of the world.