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  Istanbul Turquoise Tourism Folklore Association

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Istanbul Turquoise Tourism and Folklore Association were founded in 2001 in order to take part in activities in the Turkish Folklore. It works on the Turkish Folklore, especially on the fields of Turkish Folk Dances and Turkish Folk Music. It has a very rich repertoire based on the Turkish Folklore which is very wide-ranging and which takes its source from the real lives in Anatolia.

Istanbul Turquoise is an association which continues it activities under the inspection of Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Ministry of Education. It participates in the organizations, which are both national and international, held by these Ministries. Furthermore, it is the only association in Turkey which is the member of CID-Unesco, International Dance Council (member no 7853) and it participates in the world dance congresses organized by CID-Unesco.

Every year, in the end of September or the beginning of October, it starts courses for working on Turkish Folk Dances and also it runs courses for the beginners. And in June, the dancers who have attended these courses put a show on the stage which is called “The Colours of Anatolia”. In summer, Istanbul Turquoise takes places in the cultural and folklore festivals in the other countries due to the invitations they have received and puts a colourful show on the stage.

Since it was founded in 2001, it has participated in the VI. and VII. Agrinio International Folklore Festival in Greece, Rite 2004 in France and 36.MFF Liptalske Slavnosti in Czech Republic 2005, Debrecen Carnival 2006 in Hungary and Festifolk 2008 in Spain. Moreover, it took part in Balkan Folk organization to teach Turkish Folk Dances to the people all around the world.
Before 2001, its founders and dancers attended many organizations and festivals in lots of countries, such as France, Finland, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, and Spain.

Besides these activities, Istanbul Turquoisealso works on the varied values of Anatolia where the continents and the civilizations meet. It works on Turkish Folk Music, instrument and chorus, Anatolian rhythms, ballet dancing, Turkish cuisine, Turkish designs, and Dervish show (Sema), which is the most important visual performance of Islam in Anatolia.
Furthermore, it organizes international culture and folklore festivals by the support of local governments. It takes place in the programming and the organization of these festivals which are held in Istanbul and the other places in Anatolia.

Istanbul Turquoise puts a very rich repertoire with 140-150 dance types from 20 different regions on the stage and during the performance very colourful traditional costumes and authentic music are used.

The training given to our dancers by the expert instructors is the same level of the training in the conservatoire. The choreography of our shows is planned by Gülçin and Ayhan Uncuoglu.

We are very happy to share the activities and the features of Istanbul Turquoise which has become the most active and well- known association in Turkey in such a short period.
Istanbul Turquoise, whose target is to support the world peace, aims to work with you on this field, to have mutual organizations, and to build cultural bridges and friendship.
Yours sincerely,